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So you've hired us! Now what?  We like to keep things easy for you. The following is a quick list of what to expect so we are all on the same page.

  • The initial conversation will be over the phone or onsite- whichever you prefer. This is a free consultation that will answer questions such as the pickup and delivery addresses, the size of the move (bedrooms, floors, square footage of home), any special instructions you may have and nailing down a date.

  • When we arrive we will do a walk-through with you to determine what stays and what goes.  If you are moving appliances, please have these disconnected from any utilities.  We do not disconnect gas or waterlines.  

  • After we make a quick plan of how your belongings will best fit in the truck we will determine what areas in the location need protective coverings to minimize potential damage to floors and railings.

  • If any furniture needs disassembly or wrapping we will tackle that next.

  • And then its load time, securing your belongings nice and tight in the truck.

  • After the truck is loaded we drive to the next location and do it all again backwards. 

Important Information

  • We do not currently offer packing services so please make sure everything small is packed up in boxes, totes, suitcases or heavy duty bags.

  • Have the driveway ready for us by moving vehicles away from the entry.  If icy and sloped, please have your driveway plowed and sanded if needed.

  • Disconnect utilities from any appliances.  We do not disconnect gas or waterlines.

  • Disconnect electronics from outlets and either secure cords to item or put them in labeled bags

  • Label your fragile items and boxes well on all sides.  

  • We will bring your boxes to the appropriate rooms in your house if you want, just label them by room clearly.

  • Pack heavy items such as books in smaller boxes.  Cardboard can only take so much.

  • TAPE the bottom and top of boxes. Boxes are notorious for blowing out the bottom and a taped top stacks much better than a folded one.

  • Wrap all breakables individually, its jiggling more than dropping that breaks things like dishes and ceramics.

  • Pack valuable items like jewelry, money and important documents in a suitcase so you can either keep it safe with you, or can find it easily in a sea of cardboard boxes.

Feel free to cut time and cost by taking boxes to a central location near the entry and disassembling large furniture like bedframes, sectionals and table legs before we get there.

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